Ranchmade Ribbons

Ranchmade Ribbons

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Ranchmade Ribbons was established in 2022 by Ashley, the owner of Ranchmade Charcuterie here in Livingston, MT. Ranchmade Ribbons are fine silk and cotton ribbons made from WILD RAG and western scarves-and made into ribbons! The versatility of the ribbons are so much fun!

Ranchmade Ribbons has taken Wild Rags from the ranch to our everyday lives:

*Colorful Keychain 

*Handbag Accessory 

*Hair Accessory 


What is WILD RAG?

As explained in Western Horseman Magazine-

“ A colorful wild rag does more than make a fashion statement- it serves hardworking horseman and women well in cold weather and under a blazing sun, or in a number of situations where a short strand of rope can’t be found.”