Old Fashion Caramel Popcorn - By: daisy donuts

Old Fashion Caramel Popcorn - By: daisy donuts

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Old fashioned caramel corn

Old-fashioned caramel corn. Light and slightly sweet and salty. 

171 grams/6 ounces


Plain popcorn, brown sugar, light corn syrup, unsalted butter, cream of tartar, salt, baking soda.

Made in Livingston, MT

Made In Montana


My name is Pamela van Giessen and I have something of a sweet tooth, especially for apple cider cake donuts. Dusted with cinnamon sugar or iced, a modest sized donut is a nice way to top off a healthy breakfast. When my husband and I moved to Livingston, we were finally in heaven. Livingston is such a great place. It has everything - views, hiking, wonderful people, lots of dogs, great breakfast options from Faye's Cafe to Livingston Community Bakery, Tru North, Paradise Perk, Rx Coffee, Wildflour Bakery,

Eastside Coffee, and more. All good. Until the day I went in search of a fresh apple cider cake donut and came up empty. When I could not find the donut of my desire, I decided to make them. Feedback was positive with requests to sell them. So, after 30+ years in the publishing business, I am now trying my hand at the donut business. I am not sure exactly how my editorial and book publishing skills will transfer to donuts but when you have a passion for something, you give it a shot.